Fax Machine Anthems
Since we kicked off Wilbur & Moore Records we have had nothing but support from a collection of other small scale labels, and these labels happen to release amazing music by some of our now favourite artists. To honour these record labels, we'd like to introduce you to some of them via a dedicated Spotify playlist. 
The labels
Totally Real Records (Valley Stream, New York)
Repeating Cloud Records (Portland, Maine)
Friend Club Records (Buffalo, New York)
AT EASE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Z Tapes (Lyon, France)
Spirit House Records (Portland, Oregon / Gainesville, Florida)
4Bits Records (Gainesville, Florida)
Lonely Ghost Records (Columbus, Ohio)
and of course Wilbur & Moore Records (Sydney, Australia / Zeelst, Netherlands)
The Songs
1. Old Man of the Woods - Votives   |   Totally Real Records, 2021   |   Delicate alt-ambient from Seattle based sound artist Miranda Elliott.
2. Battle Ave - s w i s h   |   Friend Club Records, 2022   |   Delicate, vulnerable vocals with a hint of post-rock and an industrial intensity.
3. Teenage Tom Petties - Boxroom Bangers   |   Repeating Cloud Records, 2022   |   Addictive lo-fi indie rock with a tendency to get stuck in your head.
4. Beat Radio - Dissociation Blues   |   Totally Real Records, 2022   |   Intense-level feelings and honesty packaged in an ultimate indie-pop song by New York's Bryan Sendrowitz, taken from his latest album Real Love.
5. Parent Teacher - Russian Collusion II   |   Wilbur & Moore Records, 2023   |   Our very own New York City pigeon whisperer laying out the perils of American politics in the most catchy way imaginable.
6. Moon Moon Moon - Midsummer Festival   |   AT EASE, 2022   |   Beautifully executed bedroom-pop by Dutchies Moon Moon Moon, not dissimilar to the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith.
7. phoneswithchords - i wish i still had that guitar   |   Z Tapes, 2022   |   Personal storytelling in a voice more breakable than Keaton Henson's, guided by purposeful guitar snippets, off the excellent 2022 album cut the kid.
8. The Housing Crisis - Better Weather   |   4Bits Records, 2022   |   Cosmic folk by Gainesville multi-instrumentalist Dylan O'Bryan, available on his debut album Astral Apartments. 
9. Oropendola - Rorschach Sky   |   Spirit House Records/Wilbur & Moore Records, 2023   |   Energetic, kaleidoscopic opener from Brooklyn's Joanna Schubert freshly released album Waiting for the Sky to Speak.
10. sock jock - saint   |   Totally Real Records, 2022   |   Hauntingly appealing, honest and emotional song of sock jock's 4-track EP anothernovember.
11. Blanket Fort - Fulton County Jail Blues   |   Friend Club Records, 2023   |   Playful, at time experimental lo-fi indie-pop song taken of their March 2023 album Rejoice!.
12. We Are Joiners - Buddies   |   Totally Real Records, 2021   |   Raw lo-fi punkpop home-recorded in the south of the Netherlands on an outdated 8-track machine.
13. Superdestroyer, Hey, Ily - Beach Curse//Reality Bends Around Me   |   Lonely Ghost Records, 2022   |   Genre-hopping gutpunch of a song by Colombus, Ohio based anonymous solo-act Superdestroyer.
14. Crystal Canyon - Luminous   |   Repeating Cloud Records, 2021   |   High-intensity shoegaze tune that you just want to go on forever.
15. Orchid Mantis - never knows best   |   Z Tapes, 2021   |   Fascinating, slow, lo-fi mumble-indie from Atlanta, Georgia. 
16. Robin Kester - Cat 13   |   AT EASE, 2023   |   Dreamy chamber pop song from Robin Kester's album Honeycomb Shades, released in February 2023.
17. Rvby My Dear - Lose My Mind   |   Spirit House Records, 2022   |   Catchy dream pop tune that's bound to get your hips, head, legs and mind dancing a bit at any time of the day.

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