A couple of years ago we would have made up an appealing story about how two men connected with each other over their love for adventurous indie music and other experimental sounds. Men like Jonathan Moore (1978, Bend, OR, USA) and Wilbur Schwarz (1981, Vienna, Austria), for instance. They would have met coincidentally, in a small record store slash cafe in downtown New York, having a minor but friendly argument about who's the bigger genius, Tom Waits or Frank Zappa. 
Wilbur would have taken pride in travelling the world, visiting record store after record store in the strangest places - his favourite: a small shop tucked away in a narrow alley in Bangkok. At home, and let's be honest here, home is the basement of his parents' mansion in the outskirts of Vienna, his shelves would have housed the most unique and pricey discs you can imagine. Jonathan, on the other hand, would have had a different dream, A dream to build a successful, trendy business. A record label to wow people like Wilbur.
Both Jonathan Moore and Wilbur Schwarz do not exist, and the sobering reality is that we have grown up, leaving fairytales like this behind. The real guys behind Wilbur & Moore Records are in fact Joep and Bas. Joep is a musician from Zeelst (NL), while Bas draws pictures in Sydney (AU).
Joep and Bas - no, let's stick with the more personal "we" - we are friends though, and share a great love for discovering new and exciting music. So much so, that in early 2022, at a distance of more than 16,000 kilometers apart, we decided to start this quirky little record label. 
So, what are the plans?
Wilbur & Moore Records will offer a supportive home to emerging musicians and music ranging from lo-fi indie punk to mesmerising ambient, from explosive experiments to intriguing folk. 
While we won't be the label to plan world tours for you, we will be there to give your music an audience. We will work closely with you, support you in achieving your creative goals, without standing in the way of your creativity. We know very well that every project is different, and our involvement will be tailored to your needs - be it by producing an album, organising an artist to do the artwork, finding someone to put your tunes on a cassette tape, or simply by making sure it's added to all the relevant streaming services.
Of course we will also help promote your music like madmen, like Wile E. Coyote on steroids.
So, will you take a massive cut of the money we make, I hear you think, and become rich bastards with bling and BMWs, private islands and pink purebred poodles? No, we can guarantee you that this won't happen. We are in it for the fun and for the artists. Sure, we don't want to lose any money on it, but we do want to make sure you feel treated fairly. You, after all, are the creator of the music, so you deserve to benefit from it most.
network of indie labels
Beyond the relationship with our musicians, we will also join a growing network of indie labels across the world. We'll collaborate with like-minded folks on all continents, to help promote each other's artists as well as work on joined releases and shared distribution. 
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know. You can reach out through our contact form.​​​​​​​