It is 2023, the year we've all been waiting for. Just the other day the first flying car rolled off the factory belt, a shiny green vehicle with helicopter-like propellors for lift-off and a waste-water powered jet engine to move forward. On a day's worth of human urine it can transport a family from Oslo to Madrid without emitting any CO2. Mid-air highways are designed with safety of both passengers and birds in mind, without introducing speed limits. Accidents are extremely unlikely and governments expect a decrease of 99.4% in traffic related deaths compared to traditional 'earth surface travel'.
Oil rigs are disappearing from seas at a rapid pace and the Amazon rainforest is expanding for the first time in 60 years. The company Amazon, on the other hand, does not exist anymore, and neither do Google and Microsoft, TikTok and Twitter. Social media as a concept still does, but fully in its only acceptable form, to serve healthy interaction between human beings (and the occasional talking cat or dog). Discussions have become civil again.
The music industry has also benefited greatly from the socio-economic progress of recent years. Any artist has a chance to a fair market share on Spotify now, and can with an effort of a traditional work week earn a decent living off their music. Record pressing plants have quadrupled and are also running on waste-water, eliminating extensive production times, and allowing any band to release on vinyl. Sony has introduced its first decent walkman-of-the-future since 1987, designed with modern day listener expectations in mind. Traditional ticket services have disappeared, allowing venues and bands to regain control of the live music industry. 
Taylor Swift has been elected president of the world.

IT IS 2023, and the above is nothing but nonsense, bollocks and poppycock. It is 2023 and we are all desperately trying to make our lives at least bearable. To help, we, Wilbur & Moore Records, are introducing Fax Machine Anthems; a place for music related niceties, ways for you to escape everyday reality under the professional therapeutic guidance that music in its essence is. 
Fax Machine Anthems will become a collection of articles not dissimilar to a traditional blog, put together by your trusted gang at Wilbur & Moore Records, our friends, musical family and people we are yet to meet. You can expect music (and perhaps a little art) related fun ranging from playlists, artist introductions, album recommendations, musings of various kinds and the occasional dad joke. 
Keen to contribute? Let us know.

"If only Trump would go away, life would be a holiday" - Parent Teacher, Russian Collusion II 

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