parent teacher - LIVING A LIE
Living a Lie is the second single from the upcoming full-length album Impending Doom, scheduled to release in February 2023.
Just like his debut song evEryThiNG's NoRMaL, Living a Lie is as catchy as you can get them, guaranteed to get your head bobbing or inspire a sneaky dance in your living room. We truely hope you love it as much as we do.
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Parent Teacher makes playful lo-fi bedroom indie, perhaps better classified as apocalyptic pop full of unexpected hooks.
Release date: 6 January 2023
Cover design by Bas van Genugten
Living a Lie is written and performed by Parent Teacher
Mastering by Kris Gillespie
Cover art by Bas van Genugten
Parent Teacher thanks: Joep & Bas (Wilbur & Moore Records), Kris Gillespie, Bryan B, Steve Bryant / Cru Drums, Zev Eisenberg, Andrew Strasser, Shigeo Shimizu, as well as downtown pigeon crew Modela, Globey, Fluffy, Nelly, Reneè, Sandy, Kevin, Crobey and Tubey.
You want me to pretend that everything is fine 
You only wanna send the others save your hide
It's not the way to go, it's not the way to get you by
You really don't know like you don't really know
You're living a lie

You want me to pretend that I've been someone else 
You want me for a friend that brings you some more wealth 
You want me to do all the good hard work for free 
What ever could you do then 
Could you do then for me 

Surround yourself with the people who are just like you 
No matter if they flake or what they really do 
As long as they are quiet they're good use to use 
Be sure to tie a noose so tight they can't undo

You'll make a bigger killing even if you lose 
Don't mind that they are drilling underneath your shoes 
You'll find that they are spilling all that they misuse 
It's all the dissolution really I'm confused