parent teacher - HERO
a first taste of ethereal collapse
Release date: 16 May 2024
Available through Bandcamp, Spotify or any of your favourite streaming services.
Have any heroes of your own? Parent Teacher wrote a song about them. Them and many other of our collective heroes. Better stop idolising them and put on a pair of sturdy headphones, because our king of folktronica is back for round two of his gentle warnings that the world we live in is kinda bonkers.
"Hero" is the first single of his upcoming album Ethereal Collapse, set to be released through Wilbur & Moore Records in collaboration with Lonely Ghost Records on 6 June 2024 (put that date in your agenda, we've heard the album already and it's filled with gems and other doomerpop beauties).

Artwork by Chris Bruyn

Music/lyrics - Parent Teacher 
Cover art - Chris Bruyn 
Lyric video - Bas van Genugten 
You’re stuck in a hole
You’re gone forever
Dug in like a mole
Too strong side by side together

Hope you’re having a time
Hope your having some peace of mind you’re a hero
Hope they hear all your cries
Hope they heal your emotion sighs
Such a hero

You touch just to take
You make the mistake remember
The dust in your wake
The lives that you break for better

Hope you’re having some fun
Hope you have a way to meet someone who’s a hero
Hope they trigger your gun
Hold me down until I’m undone
Such a hero
Such a hero
Tell me about a hero

Cross the line and I’m erasing hatred
Walk the line and I’m a wasted case I’m a hero
Cross the line an you’re way too hated
Walk the line and you’re emaciated

Tell me about a hero
Tell me about a hero
Such a hero
Tell me about a hero