Even if you only listened to the very first song of our very first release (Sea Creatures Stared at Us and We Stared Back at Them) you will already be familiar with Oropendola's beautiful singing voice and arranging skills. On that album she covered Jeffrey Lewis' song Bugs & Flowers, making us more than proud to have her included. 
In 2023 we will, together with Spirit House Records, move into a next adventure with Joanna Schubert, the Brooklyn-based multi-talent behind Oropendola: her album Waiting for the Sky to Speak (scheduled to release in March 2023).
Time for you to get to know Oropendola a bit better.
There is something uniquely exciting about following Joanna on Instagram, where you get - in the best possible way - bombarded with snippets of her musical and lyrical talents, live, at home, in the studio, even at her parents' place, sometimes alone, often in collaboration with others. And all of that complemented with what we can only imagine to be the ultimate inspiration; human interaction, nature, life and everything that lies in-between but you might not be able to see with a human eye. Also, and we can't stress this enough, her cat Moose is super cool.
While primarily, and perhaps originally, a solo creator and musician in many ways, Joanna has discovered the art of collaboration, allowing contributions from 30 musicians on Waiting for the Sky to Speak, touring with Half Waif (in 2021) and Barrie (in 2019), and working with the likes of Samir Langus, Elizabeth & the Catapult and many others. And if that's not enough, she also plays in Brooklyn-based bands Beccs and Nicomo, and sings in the traditional Serbian vocal group Rosa. 
Photo by Chimera Singer
In 2022, Oropendola released the mesmerizing songs Stillness and Little Alien.
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Knocking Down Flowers (single)
Knocking Down Flowers (single)
Check out the video for Oropendola's first single Knocking Down Flowers:
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