We are proud to announce the release of our first album: Sea Creatures Stared at Us and We Stared Back at Them. 
A quick Google search of that title will no doubt lead you to the song Don't Be Upset by New York songwriter Jeffrey Lewis, the perfect hint to what this album is all about: a homage to the exquisite songwriting of Jeffrey Lewis. 
We have always been big admirers of Jeffrey Lewis' work, and frankly can barely think of any musician who is more clever with words than he is. To celebrate our first release, we thought it would be a great idea to ask some of our musical friends to reimagine their favourite Jeffrey Lewis songs for a compilation album.
And now, we invite you to have a listen, and if you like it, snap it up for a reasonable amount of 7$ through Bandcamp.
Owh, and wait, most importantly... any profits we make will be donated to Picture the Homeless, a cause selected by Jeffrey Lewis. All the more reason to get your hands on this one.
Sea Creatures album cover
Album cover designed by Rik van Iersel
1. Oropendola - Bugs & Flowers
2. redroot - Anxiety Attack
3. Moon Moon Moon - Don't be Upset
4. H, Kink - The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
5. Henning Ohlenbusch - Heavy Heart
6. Old Man of The Woods - Try it Again
7. phoneswithchords - Moving
8. poorlord - So Long (I'm gonna go draw alone in my shack)
9. Beat Radio - I Got Lost
10. Dave Schoonderbeek & José Contreras - The Man with the Golden Arm
11. Teenage Tom Petties - Seattle
12. ZEA (feat. DINA) - Ryd bus ryd
13. Guillaume Maupin - Singing Tree
14. 3AM - I Saw a Hippie Girl on 8th Avenue
15. Katy the Kyng - Life
For this release we gratefully relied on tips and tricks provided by our friends from Totally Real Records. Go check out their stuff as well. Worth it!
Artwork by Rik van Iersel
Mastering by Jasper Boogaard
Keen to get the know the artists a little better, perhaps discover some more of their music? The links below will lead you straight to them.
The originals
Not very familiar with the songs of Jeffrey Lewis, and interested to hear the originals? We've made a handy Spotify playlist for you. It contains all the original songs from the compilation, except for So Long, which you can find here on Youtube. 
Don't forget to become a big fan yourself as well, and explore all his albums!