Kaleidoscopic DEBUT ALBUM by brooklyn based songwriter joanna schubert
Release date: 17 March 2023
Available through Bandcamp, Spotify and all your favourite streaming services. Waiting for the Sky to Speak is available on 180gr black vinyl and as digital download.
Waiting for the Sky to Speak is released by Wilbur & Moore Records, in collaboration with Spirit House Records.
ABOUT waiting for the sky to speak
"Waiting for the Sky to Speak is an imaginative and colourful chimera of a collection peppered with the raw theatricality of Kate Bush and FKA Twigs; the off-kilter humour of Miranda July; the surrealism of Alice in Wonderland; and the melodic core of Joanna’s childhood soundtrack (90s pop, jazz standards, and the Beatles).
The Oropendola live crü is a rotating cast of of 1-7 musicians, including synths, clarinet, flute, and 3 part harmonies.  Joanna has also been a touring member of Half Waif and Barrie, sung with Grammy nominated Gnawa musician Samir Langus, and currently plays in Brooklyn bands Nicomo and beccs. When she isn’t making music, Joanna is helping other humans make music. She teaches lessons in piano and songwriting, has led contemporary vocal groups, and writes and music directs eccentric musicals with kids. She lives in a 5th floor walk-up with her almost-8 year old cat Moose, and frolics in Greenwood Cemetery every chance she gets."
- Source: Oropendola's website
SONGS + LYRICS Joanna Schubert 
ARRANGEMENTS + PRODUCTION Joanna Schubert + Zubin Hensler 
MASTERING Joe Lambert 

recorded in Brooklyn, NY, from 2020-2021 
on unceded Lenapehoking territory 

Joanna Schubert vocals, piano, synths, guitar (8), ukulele (11) 
Zubin Hensler flugelhorn, guitar, synths, drum kit (3), vocals (2,3,5) 
Kristina Teuschler clarinet 
Camellia Hartman violin 
Ryan Weiner bass (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9), guitar (11) 
Katie Battistoni guitar 
Matt Evans drum kit, percussion 
JoAnne Hyun bass (2, 5) 
Gabby Sherba vocals (2, 6, 9) 
Emma Pierson vocals (5) 
Kristen Drymala cello (4) 
Rebecca El-Saleh harp (6) 
Landon Peer bass clarinet (11) 
Bum Bum accidental radio transmission (9, 10) 

add’l drum worlds crafted by Zubin Hensler + Joanna Schubert 

add’l vocals in “At the Edge of It” 
Abby Ahmad, Shilpa Ananth, Joy Askew, Lauren Balthrop, Lau Barrios 
Toby Chaiken, Aleksandra Denda, Neha Jiwrajka, Astrid Kuljanić 
Julia Mark, Marisa Michelson, Raquel Quiñones, Molly Ranson 
Erica Schubert, Sharon Schubert, Elizabeth Ziman