Just when you think the term lo-fi has become ridiculously overused or completely misrepresented by the masses, and you start getting that nagging urge to remove the lofi-hashtag from every single social media post you ever hurdled into the online world, and smack every doofus who dares using the term in public with a slightly wet newspaper... 
Say hi to Brother of Monday, the moniker of Peter Bothum from Newark, Delaware, and the man who single-handedly fixed the meaning of lo-fi.
We first were made aware of his self-titled and excellent album through a recommendation submitted for our Fax Machine Anthems-post "Hey, hi, go listen #3", accompanied by these words:
"The album creates an auditory experience that evokes a longing for the tactile sensations of the past, providing a contrast to the perceived clarity of modern digital music. We can hear the analog tape head limiting and compressing each note and cymbal hit, creating a sense of urgency and criticality that is not always present in modern music. The singer/songwriter's urgency to express their ideas and feelings is palpable through the sound."
Who can ignore that‽ We couldn't, so we set out to cement a collaboration with him, and are very much looking forward to see which other catchy #lofi will roll out of his 4-track in the near future.
While we wouldn't mind filling this page with a lot more information about Peter, his previous bands, his inspiration and various other facts, this interview on JanglePopHub is actually doing such a great job summarizing that already, we'll take the lazy route and tell you to make sure to read it!
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Brother of Monday
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